YaHasnain Sufi Foundation

"While others may seek solace in religious temples, my temple is every heart, and my religion is love." - Rumi

The Yahasnain Sufi Foundation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to humanitarian service and fostering religious harmony primarily in India. Our mission revolves around serving humanity and promoting a sense of spiritual unity among individuals.

Our Services

Humanitarian Aid

We provide essential aid to those in need, including food, clothing, and shelter.


We offer educational programs and scholarships to empower individuals with knowledge and skills.

Interfaith Dialogue

We organize events and discussions to promote understanding and harmony among different religious communities.


The Yahasnain Sufi Foundation has made a significant impact in my community. Their dedication to serving humanity and promoting spiritual unity is truly inspiring.

Contact Us

For inquiries or to learn more about our work, please reach out to us.


+91 8147255304